Web Services


Signing up with Design TechTonics for your online presence gets you a barrage of services.  $75/year is the lucky number.

You get hosted on an optimized Virtual Private Server (VPS!) chock full of memory and processing power.  There’s no lag, like on most hosts, from your site sitting on overbooked, shared hosting… but you’re paying less than shared hosting prices!

You get TOTAL access and can install your own stuff depending on your needs, at no extra charge! Don’t want complex? Easy one-click installs of popular suites like WordPress, Drupal, Open Atrium, ZenCart, + more will get you started in no time…

From unlimited email accounts, to MailMan list-serves, totally unrestricted bandwidth, FTP+SSH access accounts, plus wicked easy one-click installs of WordPress / Drupal / Moogle / Gallery2 / MANY other popular suites + automated syncing to unlimited MySQL databases, + more!

All this and flat rate hosting at an obscenely low $75/year.  Keep reading for the details…



If you’re familiar with Riseup.net, Activix, or GoogleGroups, this is the same thing. Design Techtonics uses the list manager MailMan, and it’s quick and easy to setup, add users to, and administer an email list to stay connected and organized. Help and guides can be provided.

Ex: [email protected]

for an internal  discussion/organizing list

Ex: [email protected]

for a one-way announcement list


Register a .com/.org/.net domain name, or direct nameservers to host your site at Design TechTonics- standard cost is $9.99 / year.  You become administrator of your domain, with the ability to transfer out, cancel, and of course re

Part of an ally group already hosted via Design Techtonics?

no cost for a name: (example).risingtidenorthamerica.org no cost for rtna name

or www.lasvegasrisingtide.org for $10 annually

Setting up a website!

For the uninitiated, a site can seem like a pretty intimidating or time-consuming endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Your project can be quickly equipped with a WordPress install- and you’ll have an easy system for posting and syndicating information on the fly. It’s as easy to use as composing an email. Add text, insert images, hit publish, and you’re done!

This is the same engine that drives www.risingtidenorthamerica.org, www.actagainstoil.com, www.whatiscop15.net, and a buncha other affiliated sites. (haven’t heard of WordPress? http://www.wordpress.com to learn more)

A quick breakdown of how an easy WordPress site build works:

  • 1. get in touch to receive a quote on graphics, design, and anything else you need.
  • 2. choose one-click install for your domain, or elect to have WordPress installed for free!
  • 3. access your site dashboard
  • 4. choose from hundreds of templates for your site that are already there, available for free (templates are the ‘skin’ that makes your site look the way it looks.  everything from color scheme, graphics, and layout are determined by this). or request a custom build theme for your project…
  • 5. try out a test post or page — it’s easy, right?  you’re on your way!