For the Underdog

In this current political and environmental climate, much work is to be done to confront the gross inequities which make our act of posting/reading this text over the internet an incredible privilege.

Yes, it’s true, the so-called developed world unleashes daily an onslaught against dispossessed peoples and the very ecosystems that, when thoroughly contaminated, will surely make life a lot different for countless species (our race included).

Hidden by, but evident through the corporate controlled blurb media ambience is the ritualistic denial of our mandate to undo social inequities borne afloat by racism, classism, and contrived nationalism.  It’s past time for action.  We have a serious denial problem on our hands here.

But isn’t web design capitalism?

Sure.  And forgiving compromises can be a slippery slope.  The omnipresent Internet, with its good and bad, is quite the stage for awareness-production and organization.  Likewise this endeavor keeps me doing MOST of my work hours in service to the movement for climate and environmental justice.  Design TechTonics supports organizations at reduced cost and provide many services for the underdogs who can’t afford to hire a team of overeducated, high-priced design school grads.