Climate SOS!

Climate SOS is a new and expanding network of individuals and organizations concerned with ensuring that U.S. climate legislation effectively rises to the challenges we face from global warming. We are extremely disturbed by the inadequacies of the American Clean Energy and Security Act, passed by the House, (and the similar Senate version released September 30th) which contain numerous provisions that lead us to conclude that such a bill would be worse than doing nothing and set us on a path to failure.

Given the primary responsibility of the U.S. in causing global warming, we feel that Americans must also take responsibility both in doing what is necessary to avert the worst, and to fulfill our obligation to the world as we all face the consequences. Our aim is to first prevent disastrous “false” legislation from being passed, and then to replace it with visionary measures that will be truly effective and adequate in setting us on the path to avert global climate catastrophe.